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4 Easy Steps to Choosing a Pram!


4 Easy steps to choose a pram!

When it comes to shopping for your baby’s needs a pram/stroller, I have found it is one of the hardest choices for parents to be.

You would think it would be easy to choose, “how hard can it be” you may ask yourself?  It’s a pram, simply push from A toB and away you go. Well think again!

The world of prams has been modernised and thanks to the innovation and creative thinking from pram brands around the world you now have plenty of choice and features to choose from. This can be exciting and scary all at the same time!  A stroller/pram is an essential baby product, also one of the most expensive items you will add to your baby list. You will need to carefully consider your Budget $$$ and the pro’s and con’s before making your choice.

To help you make your choice easier and less confessing

I have compiled an easy 4 steps tips and hints for you to take in to consideration when shopping for your pram!


1-Think about your lifestyle and where you live.

  • Where will you mainly use your stroller?
  • If you live in an active lifestyle and wish to venture out and about with your baby you will need a pram that is sturdy with great suspension.

Look for a pram that is going to handle rough terrain as well as pavement areas but easy to manoeuvre.

  • Would you mainly do short work and go to shops? Be mindful of wider base prams as they may limit you because often they don’t fit through supermarket aisles and can be harder to manoeuvre in crowd places and cafes
  • Do you catch public transport often? If so, make sure the Pram/stroller you choose can fit in tram doors and is light enough to lift.
  • Do you live in apartments? Do you have to carry the pram upstairs?
  • Is the pram going to stay in your car when not in use or inside your home?
  • Always check it fits in your car boot or can fit through your front door is leaving it inside.


#Tip-Start to look around in your own area what other parents are using, Stop and ask them about their prams.  They are going to be more than honest.

2- Additional Design and Features you may want to take into consideration.

  • Storage Basket – There is no denying that a big storage basket is a great feature. Always makes sure you know the weight limit in the basket as some holds very little. Also test how easy it is to get into the basket both in seat upright and reclined
  • Adjustable height handle- This is a handy feature, especially if you and your partner are different heights.
  • Weight of the pram-Keep it light! Make sure you can lift your pram in and out of the car.
  • Hood canopy- Is the canopy sufficient enough to cover your baby?
  • Peekaboo window all though they are not a must have they are great feature if your baby is facing out and you just would like to see if they are ok.
  • Air flow area; prams can get warm in summer time.
  • Callapsibity- What might seem easy to some may not be the case for others. The last thing you need is to be standing in a busy car park attempting to collapse pram! So ensure that when you check out prams/strollers in shops, you’re confident in your ability to collapse it yourself.


#Tip-Be mindful in covering your babies’ pram with blanket or wraps.  Expert have found it actually creates a furnace-like heat within the pram, reducing the air circulation

3-Types of prams

3 Wheel Prams

  • 3 Wheel prams, more commonly known as Joggers, usually feature additional suspension, which makes them perfect for everyday use for active parents or parents on the go. From walking on footpath to the great outdoors trails.
  • If you are planning to jog with your child make sure that the pram has been tested for jogging. I am seeing way too many parents jogging with prams that aren’t designed for jogging!

Always consult your paediatrician before jogging with your baby.

  • As much as 3 wheels are light weight but can be bulky, makes sure it fits in your car boot.
  • 3 wheel prams are mostly one directional and the child will be face outwards. If you like to face your child for the first 6 months you will need a 3 wheel pram that can take a capsule or bassinet.indiedawngrey_1500x1500

4 Wheel Prams

  • Most 4 wheel prams have a flat fold and generally have great manoeuvrability especially when the front wheels are smaller than the back.
  • Many of the 4 wheelers have an option of either reversing seat or handle. If it has reversing handle make sure you try pushing it on both sides of the reverse. Sometimes they can steer great one way but not so good the other.
  • Most 4 wheelers are suitable for newborns and many can take a capsule and or Make sure if using the bassinet for sleeping over night it has been approved.



  • Many strollers are lightweight, compact and are really simple to use
  • There are pacific strollers that you can take on airline and fit in the over head departments if you travel lots with your young one.
  • Some strollers are not suitable from Birth; ensure you check the manufacturers age recommendations.
  • There are strollers that are compatible with infant carriers and bassinet if you want to face your baby.

The strollers are compact fold and lighter weight makes them the ideal solution for busy events, shopping centres, travel and the grandparents.


Travel Systems

  • A travel system consists of an Infant carrier car seat that can simply click out of the secure car base and transfer to the matching pram. Convenience for you to be able to transport a baby when and wherever you want, without disturbing them too much.
  • If you are going to choose a travel system make sure it’s easy to use and that the infant carrier car seat meets Australian standards.


Twin and Triple Seater Prams

Do you need to use the pram for more than one child? Perhaps you have twins or even triplets, or perhaps you have a baby and older sibling, in which case you will need a pram that can cater for multiple children.

There is alot more options on the market that will either carry each child side-by-side, or have one in the front and one in the back, or one that has provisions for a skateboard/ toddler seat.

Side by side

like single prams they can come in a jogger style, stroller or with 4 wheels, although they can be slightly smaller in the seat area.  They are independently seat reclines which is great if one child wants to sleep, also if they have independent hoods even better! Side by Side can be alittle on the wider side so makes it harder to get through doors and tight spaces.

A single seat pram with a toddler seat attachment – Great if you are planning to have children close together but it wouldn’t be the only reason to buy this pram style.

My advice would be buy the pram that suits your needs now, if comes with a toddler seat attachment it’s a bonus!  You can’t always predict when you will have the next child. I thought I would have a close gab but ended up having 5 years between my boys.

#Tip- Always put weight in a pram before buying as all prams steer the same on a shop floor! This will give you a true sense of manoeuvrability.



One of the most significant factors to consider when buying a stroller is, of course, Safety! Make sure your pram meets all Australia and New Zealand safety standards.

From 1st July 2008 mandatory standards for prams and strollers in Australia and New Zealand (AS/NZS 2088:2000) came into effect. These standards include the safety warnings and information labels for strollers and prams, product performance testing, design and construction.

Some of the important safety standards to which your pram or stroller legally must adhere include:

  • All strollers must feature a permanently attached 5-point safety harness that includes waist and crotch straps for every occupant.
  • All BABY prams must feature wrist tether straps. These must come with a label warning the adult carer to use the tether so as to reduce the likelihood of the pram rolling away.
  • Prams and strollers must also feature red brake pedals/levers to make them more easily seen and therefore more likely to be used. These are especially important if you are considering purchasing a pre-loved pram.
  • DO NOT leave children unattended.


When using a pram and used correctly, it minimise the risk of accidents.


As you can see there are a lot of options to consider when choosing the right pram for you and your baby’s need.

Good luck and happy Pram Shopping!

Image credits: Britax, Bumbleride,Redsbaby,Bugaboo and Roger Armstrong.