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Bath Time – Fun Time – Buying A Baby Bath


Bathing your baby in an adult size bath can be slippery, nerve wracking and not to mention back breaking!!! Over all it is not pleasure for you or your baby. Find the right baby bath that’s right for you.

Luckily, you have choices these days, foldable baths, bath with inserts, inflatable, bucket and even bath for your shower.

What to look for when comparing baby bath- Consider how it’s going to clean and dry and where are you going to store it when it not in use? Also how long is your baby going to use it for?

Make sure it is not too shallow; unfortunately some baby baths even when filled to the brim are quite shallow.

Remember, a baby bath tub filled with water can be heavy to carry, so it is often best to set it up close to a water source.


Basic bath

is typical made of hard plastic and some have a contour area to help support your baby.

If you are going to use a bath on its own make sure whenever you are going to bath baby it’s on a firm stable surface and it has a plug hole.

Or you could consider getting bath stand, Easy and folds away.  Look for matching brands as they tend to fit better. If they have a towel rail, and or detachable storage tray excellent! Lockable wheels are a must.


Foldable Baby bath

is great for apartments and travel. They are easy to store and save alot of space. Because of the ability to collapse into a smaller product, fold up baths tend to be smaller than regular baby baths.


Bath changers/Change Centre

A bath changer is a change table that has a built in bath.  2 in 1 is a bath and a change table.  There are two types – Either the lid lifts up and the bath is revealed underneath (make sure the lid sits back comfortably and plenty of room to bath baby) or the bath slides out from underneath the changer.

Both have ample storage space for baby toiletries and needs.


Bucket Bath

Bucket baths is actually bucket shaped.  It enables newborn babies to sit up with water up to their shoulders in a supported sitting or fetal position, leaving your hands free to wash your baby.  These bucked-shaped baths are aimed at babies up to six months old.   Some models are transparent, enabling you to see your baby in the water


Inflatable bath

These baby baths arrive flat, taking up minimal room.  Once filled with air, a bath is revealed that can hold enough water and a baby.   Can be tricky to clean and not as durable as other baths.


2 in 1 bath & shower chair

This is not just a baby bath but a baby shower chair.  Convenience of height adjusts for parents but also reclines for your baby.  Idea for apartment living or any housing that doesn’t have a bath.  These are suitable from new born up to 17kg.   This encourages kids to love showers right from birth.


Bath Aid

I just want to mention bath aids – one thing I feared the most was bathing my baby. They are so wet and slippery, until I discovered a towelling bath aid. My life saver.   It holds and supports babies in their first few months and makes bathing simple and easy.  Make sure there is a mandatory standard warning label on the bath aid before purchasing.

Towelling or plastic – Always check it fits your bath!


  • Examine the rim of the baby bath- The rim should be smoothe without any jagged pieces. This will prevent you from scraping your baby’s skin when taking him out or placing him or her in baby bath.
  • Look for easy of carry especially when filled with water. If the rim of baby bath overhangs the walls then it will be much easier to carry.
  • Make sure the height where you are bathing the baby is a good height for you and not a back breaking event. Especially if mum has had a c-section, standing up will be more comfortable.
  • Never leave baby alone while bathing, even if it’s just for a sec to grab the talc etc. Have everything ready and prepared beforehand.  If you need to walk away from the bath tub, take your baby with you.
  • Don’t pick up the bath tub with your baby inside, this should be avoided as your could not only drop the bath but your baby’s head could slip under the water.

Bath time is fun time and great way for babies to relax and parents to bond!

Image credits: Roger Armstrong; CoolKidz; Infa; TummyTub; CharliChair