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sussan-new-season- maternity clothing

Congrats you’re pregnant! As your body begins to change and your belly grows, you may need to wear maternity clothes.

There is no rule about when to buy maternity clothes. Buy or borrowing from friends and relative who just had a baby or are looking to get rid of their older maternity wear it’s  when you are starting to feel uncomfortable in your pre pregnancy clothes.  This could be as early as six weeks for some mums to be.

Tips to stay in your pre pregnancy clothes

Some tips to stay in your pre pregnancy clothes a little longer while your bump is growing

  • Longer fitting shirts and blouses work well, as do stretch tanks and tees.
  • I love the pant extenders to keep wearing your favourite jeans longer and great for your skirts.
  • I have to say on a couple of occasion when I was pregnant I unbutton the top button of my pants and used a large safety pin someone had given me for the baby to secure my jeans! I just conceal the evidence with a long top!  Didn’t do this too often as I got bigger and the pin open ouch!
  •  Belly Bands are awesome- Simply a stretchy fabric band but surprisingly versatile.  They can support and cover unbuttoned pants, hold up maternity pants that are too big.  Bands can also serve a dual purpose, giving the appearance of a long layered top under your shirt that has become too short. I think these are a must!
sussan-new-season- maternity clothing


To me, it’s worth investing in a few great basic pieces of maternity clothing because when you are comfortable you feel great. This can be an emotional time for some women as their bodies are changing and their skin can be a bit more sensitive. Look for soft fabrics and pieces that you can mix and match, Also you can and want to wear beyond nine months.  I have to say there are some amazing looking maternity outfits out there! Simply stunning and affordable. Gone are the days of big white collars and massive floral prints oversize dressers. Stick a big bow on your head and you looked like you were working back in the days of Darrell Lea Chocolate stores!  Ok my children are 23 & 18 years ask your mother she will remember!

sussan-new-season- maternity clothing
sussan-new-season- maternity clothing
sussan-new-season- maternity clothing

Dress with confidence and style, and embrace your changing body.

There is no need to dress in oversized clothes all it does is makes you feel frumpy. Keep in mind that your belly is growing, not your shoulders.

Buy clothing that fits you in all the right areas and allows you to grow to flatter your new shape will give you a major confidence boost.

There are so many great maternity clothes out there that you can also wear afterwards so keep this in mind when making your purchases. Shop around you will be surprised what store now stock maternity clothing now.

Be proud, you have a wonderful miracle growing inside you and you look and feel great. You’re worth it.


Asos also has a huge range of maternity clothing – well priced and suitable for petite to curvy maternity sizes.