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Nappy Bag - Oioi

I have seen too many mums make mistakes when purchasing a nappy bag and only take into consideration the look or style that matched their prams.

Here is the Essential Nappy Bag information.  Although this is important, as most nappy bags are going to become your personal hand bag as well start to think about your lifestyle before choosing a changing bag.

How does it work with your pram- You will be out and about with the little one and generally it will be with the pram.  So how does the bag work with the pram? It needs to be able to fit neatly under the pram.

A lot of parents put the nappy bag over the pram handles or use pram clips but this is not recommended due to the fact that the pram can tip. If you choose to do this, always ensure that you have your hands on the handle of the pram at all times.

Will your partner going to use the nappy bag?

Whatever you decided on, it need to work for you and your style.  Make sure whatever you choose you’re happy to carry and use for the next two to three years or so.

I have put together some helpful tips of what to look for in a functional nappy bag.

What should you look for when choosing a nappy bag?

  • Number one for me is functionality and practicality.
  • I love bags that have a section in it for your personal items such as your keys and phone. This is called a parent section. It is often found on the outside of the nappy bag.  Make sure it is secure for your personal needs.
  • An insulated bottle pocket is another useful feature for keeping bottle of milk cool or heated to maintain temperature while out and about.
  • Is the opening of the bag easy to get into and wide? You want to be able to see and grab what you need fairly quickly and with one hand. This is important as at times you have one hand on the baby while the other needs to retrieve cream etc. If not, this just leads to frustration.
  • Does it hold everything you need to carry? If you are unsure of what to put in nappy bag download the check list. Be careful of choosing a bag that’s too big, as it will be bulky to carry or place under a pram.
  • Is the fabric wipe able on the inside as you want to be able to clean it in case of accidents or spillage?
  • Do you think it is really good quality? You use a bag for quite some time so you would like it to last.
  • Does it have a change mat included? If so, you want it to be padded and long enough to change baby on.
  • Does it feel comfortable to wear?
  • Feel the bag, some bags can be quite heavy even without baby stuff in it.
Nappy Bag - Oioi
Nappy Bag - Oioi

image credits: OiOi 

Nappy Bag - Oioi
Nappy Bag - Oioi
Nappy Bag - Oioi


I hope this has helped!

Download Nappy bag Checklist to have a better understand as to what to carry in your Nappy bag.

download checklist