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Bugaboo Fox -3 Reasons Why Parents Will be in Love with it.


The Bugaboo Fox  Designers have tapped into 20 years of design knowledge, experience and consumer feedback to create that next generation Bugaboo pram

Since we know that back in 1999, the Dutch company Bugaboo released their much beloved pram , the Bugaboo Cameleon. Now the company has released another pram that you are guaranteed to be in love with- which is the  Bugaboo Fox. Not enough positive things can be said about Bugaboo’s new creation. However, parents are guaranteed to love it for at least 3 reasons- which are safety, comfort, and ease!


It’s Safe

The first thing that parents want to make sure whenever they are purchasing a pram for their little ones is that it is safe. The last thing that anyone would want to see happen is that their baby is not secure and is at risk for falling out. With the Bugaboo Fox, that is not going to happen at all. This pram is strong and sturdy and weighs just under 10kg. It is incredibly durable and is made from high-quality materials that are safe in every way- and will keep the baby safe.


This pram is also meant to last for a long time, and this way, you will not have to worry about any wear and tear reducing the quality- and you can even use for it for baby #2 or #3! Even though safety is the biggest concern whenever it comes to products for your baby- you want your baby to be comfortable as well!

shortdetailed-image-1It’s Comfortable

The Bugaboo Fox is the Ultimate comfort pram!  Designed to keep your baby comfortable while going for a ride! Because of its advanced all-wheel suspension, your baby will enjoy a smooth ride instead of a bumpy one which can be distressing to the little one. Additionally, this pram is a delight for parents to push because of the developments of the joint system, it offers superb drive performance! That means parents can push and steer the pram without having to exert any real effort to do so. It is now known that the pram is safe and comfortable- but it also makes the lives of parents so much easier.

It’s Easy to Use

Another reason that parents will love the pram is that it makes their lives so convenient. For instance, the seat can be positioned at the right height which is ideal for lifting the child in and out of the pram. At the same time, you can easily step on the foot brake and step to release. ( shoe friendly)  Under the seat, there is a basket that is very accessible and can hold up to 10kg so that parents can bring anything they need and don’t have to carry a thing as a result. There are also integrated attachments points so they can easily click on the accessories such as the Bugaboo Cup Holder or wheeled board.

This pram is a complete dream for parents because it includes every feature that any parent could wish for! The Bugaboo Fox is a unique and wonderful creation

Compact, self standing fold and extremely light weight only 10kg